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                 Tom – Owner

Tom is an Idaho local and a graduate of the University of Idaho. After fighting fire for almost a decade, he turned his sights to the ocean to see what commercial fishing had to offer. From the Alaskan seas to the shores of Oregon, Tom has learned the ins and outs of industry. On his days off, you probably can’t find Tom because he is adventuring in the wilderness. Sometimes alone, sometimes with his wife, he will be off enjoying Idaho’s great public lands. Tom’s favorite seafood to eat is fresh raw oysters.


         Tracy – Owner



 Tracy is also a graduate of the University of Idaho and grew up in north central Idaho. She is a customer service extraordinaire, with over 10 years in customer service. You’ll often see her smiling face behind the stand, probably chatting your ear off. In her downtime she enjoys hiking, foraging, and rafting with Tom. Otherwise, you’ll find her at home cuddling the house kitty, Maggie. Tracy’s favorite seafood is fresh Dungeness crab, whether picked or in the shell.