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The Fish Folks were mobile before it was cool and are the true outdoor experience fish market.  We are locally owned and operated with simply a couple of fishmongers, fresh fish, and the fresh air.  At The Fish Folks, we pride ourselves in providing superior customer service and the freshest seafood you have ever tasted.

Here is the history of our mobile seafood business:

The adventure started almost 50 years ago when the first generation fishmonger had the desire to start serving customers in Idaho with the same quality and fresh seafood that only those on the coast could previously enjoy.  Tom and Tracy are the 5th generation. The Fish Folks, originally named The Fish Man, was operated by Gary Mitchell, Gary Myers, the great Dale Young (Fish Doctor Dale) and Victoria Dickenson (Queen Victoria), then the Pemberton family, Eric, Katie, & Ellie, and now Tom and Tracy.

Over the years, the Fish Folks have had the unique pleasure of being a part of our customers’ lives and their culinary expeditions. The Fish Folks have provided superior quality fresh and frozen seafood to CDA for almost 20 years, and nearly 50 years at the amazing Co-Op in Moscow.  The truly mobile business has evolved over the years from the back of the pickup truck to a large mobile fish truck, and now to a truck and trailer combination.  The business has evolved from a single fishmonger to a fishmonger and fishwife. What has always stayed the same is the guarantee of quality and dedication of showing up weekly during “fishing season” to all of our incredible fish fans rain, snow, or shine.

The relationships we build with our customers are most important to us.  We love to see our customers every week.  We love to hear what they are looking forward to on their weekends, and really love to hear about the fun and delicious ways in which they prepare and enjoy our seafood.

We look forward to continuing to serve our local communities for many years to come.  We will always source the best seafood possible, in addition to unique hard to find special orders.


Tom and Tracy


A sketch from a local artist of The Fish Folks in Moscow, Idaho.

Eric with a King Salmon in Alaska

Tom with a couple of King Crabs off of the Alaska coast